Unamortized Bond Discount

Unamortized Bond Discount,

Unamortized Bond Discount Definition:

  1. Meaning of Unamortized Bond Discount: Haircuts for uncut bonds are a method of accounting for certain bonds. The difference between the fee value of unregulated bond discount bonds (maturity value) and the product sold by the issuing company is deducted from the amortized portion of the income statement.

    • The difference between the face value of an unregulated bond waiver and the amount actually paid by the investor is the income of the issuer of the bond.
    • The issuer of the bond makes an amortization, i.e., permanently deducts the remainder of the relevant bond as interest expense. The amount of unregulated bond discount is the exemption of unregulated bond.
    • A reverse or immovable bond discount is an undivided bond premium that starts when the bond is sold at more than its face value.

  2. The difference between the value of the sale of securities by the issuing company and the price is the discount on the amorphous portion, which is the portion that is recognized as income from time to time.

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Meanings of Bond:
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  1. Usually a deduction from the general price of something given to a particular class of buyers in terms of time or advance payment.

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