Un Pacto Para Vivir Letra

Un Pacto Para Vivir Letra

What does the lyrics of this song mean to you?

The story of all marriages / couples when it comes to marriage.

This edition is actually from Leon Gioco. It was really an offer. The dictators are artists against the government as part of a strategy to include a list of participants in a completely basic or almost incomplete letter through an application. It was a frustrating society during the last military dictatorship. It respects the current state of importance of citizens. Loop, hate, under control.

from when:

I'm not tired I look at my stomach

I am a powerful cartoon

Miracles and Resurrection,

And it's difficult

under control

Power always reigns

Yes you are here

Is abusive!

what does mean? Similarly. There is a small color of follow-out interpretation among the dumped communities (I can't do much), before the necessary responsibility of this sage should be lost.


Congratulations to all.

This is my first party

Offer your choice I like ...

Let's see

Un Pacto Para Vivir Letra