Mechanical office program?

Well, I bought a great system, CIAF Automotive, received offer emails, checked several systems that showed offer emails, and fixed the tire issue:

Everything is integrated and parameterized: a credit or cash sale, need to receive, commission or seller, low stock, etc.; easy to use.

Vehicle registration

New control over work orders

خدمات o Excluded from tax, including services

Budget control with which the budget can be converted into service command.

service provider

Quick sales with the launch of autos and services

Understanding New November

Commission of the Ombudsman

Date of service order by vehicle

Customer Service Order Date

Program / Program Overview

Planned by service provider or date

Car relationship

Issuance of financial documents (for biometric printers)

Return of Utos Kambali

For Sao Paulo or CIAF clients, the ready-made cue is ready for Palista

Nominated reports provide your company, logo and slogan

Receipt issue

customer relationship management

Best sellers / consumers who buy more

Sending documents and reports via email / payment card (term of sale)

Default system access, system language that can access certain features

Issuance of invoice, with complete configuration by user

Backup and restore to original CIAF (easy to use)

Many reports about inventory management, client, financial control and much more, but ...

Customer Information Center (your customer's life on the piece of clothing)

Requests for copies, quotes / orders, orders, quotations or

YouTube label as a barcode

Pre-sale (Great for non-sale and non-cash dating, including electronic orders)

Banking control, covenants.

Alternative price list (99 different prices for the same car)

Talk to nization about paying extra license

More than forty reporting options, including stock or equity (inventory).

Story Star Manager so you can create your own stories.

Best of all, worth $ 247.00 (2 months ago, without spending too much time), free support via phone, email or online service program like MSN. No months, no prices and no fees, that's great!

Company  ES TESCHE E VASCONCELOS, don't search on Google, ask about it and about it, it's worth it.

Oh oh

Good and! I'm Gabriel Rocha from Ultra.

We have one last car that Garanto meets your needs, but does not sell. Guaranteed support with quality performance.

Or the commercial application program is intended for all types of businesses that cannot purchase the CompuFour website or software ...