Ultimogeniture means,

  1. Ultimogendrances, also called post-momentitis or youth law, is a system of inheritance in which a minor inherits from his or her deceased parents. This system was used in many rural areas of medieval England, as in parts of France. It often applies to agricultural land, but sometimes it includes types of land other than private property.

    • Traditional inheritance laws allow a father's son (not a daughter) to enjoy the basic benefits of his estate after his death.
    • Ultimogens or teen rights is a system in which the last unborn child is the biggest beneficiary.
    • Ultimogens are essential for farmers or the farming community as it helps older children stay on the farm.
    • Birth rights may conflict with birth rights, one method of inheritance is in favor of the elite class in which the eldest son is the sole heir.

Meanings of Ultimogeniture

  1. The principle of inheritance where the youngest child has the right to inherit.

Sentences of Ultimogeniture

  1. Historically, the cultural pattern of parents has been highly proportionate, with young children usually inheriting most of their animals from their parents.