Ulterior Motive Meaning

Ulterior Motive Meaning

What does reflection mean?

The second main reason is usually selfish or hurtful

Hidden reason

This means that in addition to what you say, you have secrets, often selfish, because you did it.

For example: He offered to take me to someone. Your ultimate goal may be to get money from them. So if you fix it, they're less likely to lend me the least. Your ultimate goal is not just to help.

For example, that makes sense.

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What is the hidden purpose?

I think you can have ultimate goals

A hidden reason to do something is different because you say you do it.

For example, if you offer to take someone's wallet, but you really want to see what's in it, then your reverse purpose of not doing so to help you is to give them reasons. Will do what you did not specify.

Ulterior Motive Meaning

Ulterior Motive Meaning

I think there may be reasons beyond obvious or confession. You?

Ulterior Motive Meaning