Definition of Ullage:

  1. The amount by which a container falls short of being full.

  2. Free space above the liquid contained in a barrel, drum, or tank, provided to accommodate expansion of the liquid.

How to use Ullage in a sentence?

  1. We had to remember not to fill it the whole way because otherwise there would not be any ullage and things would not go well.
  2. Its important to leave a little ullage in bottles with carbonated beverages, otherwise you would never be able to even open them because they would immediately explode from the pressure of even the slightest movement.
  3. Half-bottles usually contain 37.5 cl and tend to hasten wine ageing, partly because they contain more oxygen per centilitre of wine since the bottle neck and ullage are the same as for a full bottle.
  4. You need to always leave enough space for the ullage so that a barrel does not blow up or leak.

Meaning of Ullage & Ullage Definition