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U.S. Treasury,

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The United States Department of the Treasury, established in 1789, is the government department responsible for issuing all Treasury bills, breach of promise, and exchange bills. Government departments operating under the auspices of the US Treasury Department include the Inland Revenue Service (IRS), the US Mint, and the Public Finance Service and Revenue Service. Trade in alcohol and tobacco.

  • The US Treasury Department is the department of government that is responsible for managing all federal finances.
  • He is responsible for tax collection, bill payment, currency management, government accounts and national debt.
  • In addition to enforcing fiscal and tax laws, the Ministry of Finance issues Treasury Bills, considered the safest and most liquid bonds in the world.

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U.S. Treasury,

U.S. Treasury:

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  • The US Treasury Department is the government agency responsible for managing all federal finances.
  • He is responsible for tax collection, tax payment, currency management, public accounts and public debt.
  • The Treasury Department enforces financial and tax laws and issues treasury bonds, which are considered the safest and most liquid bonds in the world.
  • Former Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen is currently serving as Secretary of the Treasury. She was the first woman to hold these positions.

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Sentences of Treasury
  1. Henry VII maintained peace and filled his coffers.

Synonyms of Treasury

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