Definition of Typeface:

  1. Letters, figures and symbols in permanent characters and character styles that make up a complete set of characters in different print layouts, such as Ariel, Helvetica, Times Roman and thousands of others. Most fonts come in a variety of font styles (Roman, Italic, Bold, Extra Bold, Bold, etc.) and (1) Label, (2) Label, (3)) Audience and their compatibility. Are selected for specific phrases. Message, (4) Production and (5) Practical.

  2. Custom font design.

Synonyms of Typeface

Shoulder, Type class, Body, Roman, Stem, Counter, Ascender, Groove, Typecase, Minuscule, Beard, Bastard type, Bevel, Pica, Type, Letter, Capital, Feet, Font, Logotype, Script, Stamp, Cap, Point, Type body, Shank, Small capital, Ligature, Typefounders, Descender, Majuscule, Face, Type lice, Print, Back, Small cap, Belly, Upper case, Case, Sans serif, Nick, Italic, Lower case, Pi, Em, Fat-faced type, Typefoundry, Black letter, En

How to use Typeface in a sentence?

  1. He read a version called Dutch.

Meaning of Typeface & Typeface Definition