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Is this a hoax? ۔

I recently received an email talking about this great way to post your ad and make a lot of money from it. Since I am a student and do not have much money, I have to admit that I have seen this offer. However, the more (or less) I saw at the place of employment and the needs, the more I demanded. I wonder if anyone has tried or knows that someone has tried and been deceived.

Taken Here are some suggestions:

This was an unsolicited email. That way, the limit work doesn't have to send many emails.

Almost all work orders are scams. The exception is when a regular workplace allows some of its employees to do some of their work for me, and freelancers work in their own positions.

It must be written. Let's face it, will many people hire someone for this type of service in 2010?

If you answer, you will know that (a) they ask for a fee in advance, such as a registration or insurance fee, or other means of getting money from you (b) they want the personal information to be requested Can Identification, and (c) they will send you from one site to another while others will try to take advantage of you. The only thing you will never get paid for is work that is not part of your business model.


Joseph's answer seems to be below, but take a look at his YES activity: Every post he publishes in one way or another mentions the sites he's affiliated with and makes money from.

This is not a complete hoax. It is labeled as fraud because it is very fraudulent and takes money from you. The rule of thumb on the Internet is never to pay for work.

This is not a complete hoax because it is 100% legal to do so. What they advertise is not data entry, but training of PPC (pay per click) networks. Basically Google AdWords. See PPC or AdWords for more on this.

I will stay away from these sites because running AdWords or any other PPC network costs money. Pay each time someone clicks on your ad. If wrong, it can cost you a lot of money. So instead of making money, you are likely to lose money.

Hey, I googled some scams and found a list that's an arm's length, but your list isn't there yet! I tried to merge the whole site, but you have to do it yourself.

Every good scam has a good online list. Do not pay in advance for materials or training. Do not provide personal information, credit card number, bank number, SSS.

There are no online jobs, 99 of them are scams. Do you really believe that a good job online requires manpower? I do not believe.

Fraud =

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