Type 2 error

Type 2 error,

Definition of Type 2 error:

  1. The probability of a statistic, when examining a speculation, that the test model supports the conclusion that a value is correctly assigned when it is proved to be correct. This is a reflection of a Type 1 error and results from the assumption that the error has not been ruled out. Also written as type II error.

How to use Type 2 error in a sentence?

  1. The Type 2 bug is as misleading as it is actually a false positive for us that we are not excited about anything.
  2. Alice was less likely to be the key to a meaningless carnivore because of a common type 2 bug.
  3. Jones made the Type 2 mistake by concluding that more women than men wear shorts to the beach, when the opposite is true.

Meaning of Type 2 error & Type 2 error Definition