Tydus Talbott

Tydus Talbott

What are Tydus’s parents doing?

| His father and mother are named Travis Talbott and Corey Talbott. His mother, Corey, is responsible for video sharing and advertising, while his father, Travis, is responsible for video editing and production. Siblings Tydus and Ryatt are featured in most of the channel’s videos.

Do you also know that Jake Paul is related to Tydus?

Tydus Talbott is the eldest son of the famous YouTuber duo Travis and Corey. Tydus Talbott is the eldest son of the famous YouTuber duo Travis and Corey. Tydus is better known as Mini Jake Paul and has appeared in several fake videos on the channel.

Also, how old is Tydus Talbott?

Tydus Talbott - Mini Jake Paul

Born May 24, 2014
age 5
birth place Santa Cruz, California, USA
Zodiac sign Twins
Nationality American
You might also be wondering what does Jake Paul mean? Tydus Talbott is a four-year-old YouTube and Instagram star who makes videos with his family. He went viral after making a video of the mini Jake Paul, a version of one of YouTube's biggest celebrities. When they became a viral celebrity, the Talbott family teamed up with 21-year-old Paul. ### How old are Trav and Cors Tydus? It is the home of mini Jake Paul, whose real name is Tydus (born May 24, 2014 (20140524) [5 years]).

Why is Team 10 called Team 10?

Why is Team 10 called Team 10?

Jake admits that the 10 in his name is random. They didn’t even have ten members when they started! However, the team is part of their name because they are a team.

How many rooms are there in Team 10’s house?

How many rooms does the 10 house team have?

The house has 8 bedrooms, 10 and 2 shower rooms.

Does Team 10 still exist?

Paul founded Team 10 (the name doesn’t matter according to Paul himself) with six other creators, none of whom are in the group yet. With these recent departures at least 13 former Team 10 members are no longer in the squad.

Who is Logan Paul with?

Logan Paul is in a relationship with Corinna Kopf (2019), Olga Safari (2017 2018), Chantel Jeffries (2017), Lydia Kenney (2017), Chloe Bennet (2017 2018), Ayla Woodruff (2017) and Jessica Serfaty (2015. ))).

How much is the Team 10 house worth?

The home was reportedly listed at $ 7.395 million in June. But Jake isn’t the only one who can afford such incredible living space for himself and his friends. Logan Paul actually bought a house in Encino, California for $ 6.55 million.

Who is separated from Team 10?

The original Team 10 members were Jake Paul, Alissa Violet, Neels Visser, The Dobre Twins, AJ Mitchell and Alex Lange. Jake is the only OG member left, the final series consisting of Anthony Trujillo, Erika Costell, Chad Tepper, Ben Hampton and Justin Roberts.

Who is Jake Paul married to?

Tana Mongeau

What Did Jake Paul’s Father Do?

Gregory Allan Paul

Who is the highest paid YouTuber?

How do they classify: Are they cousins ​​Tydus and Willow Tree?

The fashionista sisters are the cousins ​​of Tydus Albott, AKA Mini Jake Paul, as well as Indie and Ryatt Talbott, who can be seen on the Trav og Cor YouTube channel.

Why is Jake Paul in the hospital in 2019?

Rescuers rushed to the vlogger’s home and took him to the hospital, where they found that Jake actually had an infection called cellulitis and needed emergency surgery. It actually happened when Jake was filming a line for a recent YouTube video. Where do Trav and Cor live?
ABOUT US: Hi, we are Travis and Corey (Trav and Cor). We are a family of 4 living in California.

How much money does Jake Paul make?

Estimated Annual Salary and Net Worth How Old Is Peyton Johnson?

Peyton Johnson, age 6. Birthday June 18, 2013.

Did Jake Paul graduate from high school?

Jake Paul and his brother Logan started out as Vine stars a few years ago. Eventually you dropped out of high school or college to move to Los Angeles to try acting. While both national concerts are paying, social media is paying rent and more.

Who is Travis Talbott?

Former baseball player who rose to fame online as one of the stars of the Trots and Cor family YouTube channel. His channel exploded in popularity in 2017, largely thanks to the twists and turns of his son Tydus, who helped attract more than 4 million subscribers.

Are JoJo Siwa and Tydus related?

He has an older brother

Who is Mini JoJo Siwa?

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Tydus Talbott