Under a comprehensive glass policy, a confirmation agreement between the insurer and the company stipulates that in the event of a broken panel of 100 square meters or more, the insured agrees that "the towing equipment may be replaced. "The company in the same area bears all the costs of the changes required for the exchange. If the insurer accepts this pledge, they will benefit from the reduced premium. (See Global Glass Policy).



Meanings of TWO:
  1. One and three less than 2.

Sentences of TWO
  1. two years ago

Synonyms of TWO

twain, dyad, duet, duo, tandem, pair, duplet


Meanings of PLATE:
  1. A flat, usually round, porcelain dish to serve or serve.

  2. Plates, bowls, bowls and other utensils made of gold, silver or other metals.

  3. A thin flat sheet of metal or metal strip or other material commonly used to join or strengthen objects or as part of a machine.

  4. A thin, flat organic structure.

  5. Each of the different hard parts of the Earth's lithosphere that make up the Earth's surface.

  6. Sheet metal, plastic or other material containing any kind of image or example, for which more than one copy will be printed.

  7. A thin piece of plastic that molds into someone's mouth and gums with teeth or other curves.

  8. A thin piece of metal that acts as an electrode in a capacitor, battery or cell.

  9. Cover with a thin layer of other metal (metal objects).

  10. Serve or place (food) on one or more plates.

  11. Check or release (one or more points).

  12. Vaccination in a culture dish (infectious cells or material), primarily for the purpose of isolating a particular strain of microorganisms or estimating the number of viable cells.

Sentences of PLATE
  1. Set aside the empty plate and take a sip of wine.

  2. School board exhibition

  3. He underwent an operation to put steel plates on his feet.

  4. Fused bone plates protect the turtle's soft tissue.

  5. Pacific plate

  6. Accurate alignment of four color plate.

  7. Cooked vegetables do not feel hungry no matter how they are served.

  8. Matt Wagnott handled two Clarkson tracks.

Synonyms of PLATE

charger, soup plate, pane, slab, platter, leaf, paten, panel, sheet, dinner plate, ashet, layer, dish, bowl, salver, side plate, lamina, trencher


Meanings of RIDER:
  1. A person who walks or can ride a bicycle, motorbike, etc.

  2. Terms or reservations have been added to an approved item.

  3. Small weights placed on the balance beam for small adjustments.

Sentences of RIDER
  1. Near Two Night Cottage.

  2. From Corridor to Autumn: As the storm moves north, we seek refuge.


Meanings of AGREEMENT:
  1. Harmony or agreement of opinion or feeling.

Sentences of AGREEMENT
  1. Both officers nodded.

Synonyms of AGREEMENT

settlement, confirmation, sympathy, concord, unity, accord, consensus, understanding, compact, concordat, consent, covenant, acceptance, pact, contract, bargain, deal, like-mindedness, concurrence, entente, bond, unison