Two Card Hand Logic Puzzle Answers

Two Card Hand Logic Puzzle Answers

Logical puzzle with two cards ... please help !!? 3

I have a gift for math so I would be very grateful if anyone could answer me! Here is the puzzle:

Joe, Harry, El and Owens play a kind of card game where each player is dealt 2 cards of the same suit and no one is dealt cards of the same suit. The four colors are S, heart, diamond and bat. The first cards are Ace, King, Queen and Jack. The second card is 10, 9, 8 and 7. Try to determine which of the first and second cards each person receives and which match their card with the instructions given.

in regards to:

1. Al and Vance have fee cards and one has one and the other has nine.

2. The man with the king does not have a heart or seven nor who.

3. Harry doesn't have a cat or number eight.

4. El right seated Harry W seated right Diamondman W seated right Club Queenman

5. Jack, ten, eight and four diamonds are in different hands.

Joe: Queen and Club 8

Harry: Ace and Heart 10

L: Jack and 7

Owens: King and Diamond 9

According to track 4, Al and Harry have hearts and yes, in some order.

According to Track 4, Joe and Vance have diamonds and sticks in a special order.

Combining clues 1 and 4 is Harry's heart.

According to Track 1, Vance has 9th.

Harry has no king (row 2), queen (row 4) or Jack (row 3), so Harry has an ace.

The Queen of the Cross (Lane 4) must be in the hands of 8 or 10 (Lane 5), she cannot be El or Harry (Lane 4) or Vince (because 8 or 109 cannot be in the hand). , Who is the queen of the club.

Jack can't be a diamond (track 5), Jack must be. So the king should be a diamond.

And all this:

Joe: Club, Queen and?

Harry: Heart, ace and?

A: Yes, Jack?

Owens: Diamond, King and 9

Al (socket) does not have 10 or 8 (index 5), it must have 7.

Harry is not 8 (lane 3), so Harry is 10, which is 8.

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Two Card Hand Logic Puzzle Answers