Twenty Factor Test

Twenty Factor Test,

What Does Twenty Factor Test Mean?

  • Used to determine common names and employee status for a list of 20 factors compiled by the US Internal Revenue Service.

Literal Meanings of Twenty Factor Test


Meanings of Twenty:
  1. The number that is the product of two and ten ten minus thirty and twenty.

Sentences of Twenty
  1. Twenty or thirty years ago.

Synonyms of Twenty



Meanings of Factor:
  1. Circumstances, facts or effects that play a role in the results.

  2. Multiplying one number or quantity by another produces a certain number or expression.

  3. Measurement scale aircraft

  4. Any of the many substances in the blood that are primarily identified by numbers and that are involved in clotting.

  5. Agents who buy and sell goods on a commission basis.

  6. Manage (software source code) into different components that are easy to maintain and use.

  7. Sells (its invoice) to an element (of a company).

Sentences of Factor
  1. Your skill is a factor in achieving both.

  2. An amount that is more than an element of a thousand or more.

  3. His father was the chief postman of the Hudson's Bay Company.

  4. Last year, researchers calculated 155 digits.

  5. This situation occurs when you assume that the code removes domain-related applications and dependencies.

  6. He collects rent while he counts the confiscated property.

Synonyms of Factor

go-between, item, reeve, characteristic, constituent, estate manager, element, deputy, thing, influence, part, component, land steward, land agent, representative, detail, middleman, agent, consideration, determinant, ingredient, facet, point, strand


Meanings of Test:
  1. The process used to determine the quality, performance or reliability of a process, especially before it spreads.

  2. Test game acronym

  3. The stove operates in an eco-furnace used to separate gold or silver from lead.

  4. Take steps to verify quality, performance, or (anything) reliability, especially before generalizing.

  5. The hard outer layer of some twin and protozoa shells or integrations, especially foraminifera limestone shells or tonics.

Sentences of Test
  1. Both countries conducted a nuclear test in May.

  2. First Test against New Zealand

  3. This range has not been tested on animals.

Synonyms of Test

check, pilot study, carry out trials on, trial, investigation, put to the test, screen test, analysis, assess, scrutiny, experiment with, screening, exploration, audition, explore, analyse, pilot, examine, appraise, study, put through its paces