Definition of Turnkey:

  1. A program, project, solution or system in which the contractor or supplier handles all responsibilities from planning to completion and commissioning. The customer needs to turn the idiom key so that things should be the way they should be. See also supernatural.

  2. Or is it a complete product or service that can be used immediately.

  3. A prison guard.

Synonyms of Turnkey

Prison warden, Guard, Warden, Keeper, Warder, Prison officer, Prison wardress, Prison guard, Prison warder, Wardress, Incarcerator, Sentry, Captor

How to use Turnkey in a sentence?

  1. Being a project leader means that the results are yours, for better or for worse.
  2. Easy to use puts a lot of pressure on a person, but when he succeeds, it can lead to bigger things.
  3. Ready-to-use systems for telecommunications customers.
  4. Engineers have been warned that the next renovation is a finished project and should stay away and not disturb the careful contractor.
  5. In 1843 the prison had a governor, two locks and two guards, but by 1850 when the second phase of the prison was completed there were no guards for the prisoners.

Meaning of Turnkey & Turnkey Definition


When someone uses the word "ready-to-use" to define a product or service, they are saying that it is ready to use. This word comes from the business world of buying and selling. When someone sells a turnkey business, it means that the buyer can simply open the door and run the business as their own.