Definition of Turndown:

  1. (of a collar) turned down.

  2. No in banker-speak. Banks are usually not obligated to provide a written disclosure of the reasons for rejecting a loan application, but often they do so orally if asked.

  3. A decline in something; a downturn.

  4. A rejection or refusal.

Synonyms of Turndown

Abnegation, Contradiction, Declension, Declination, Declinature, Declining, Denial, Deprivation, Disagreement, Disallowance, Disclaimer, Disclamation, Disobedience, Dissent, Holding back, Nay, Negation, Negative, Negative answer, Nix, No, Nonacceptance, Noncompliance, Nonconsent, Nonobservance, Recantation, Refusal, Rejection, Repudiation, Retention, Thumbs-down, Unwillingness, Withholding, Rejection, Refusal, Rebuff, Dismissal, Spurning, Repudiation, Repulse, Turndown, Discouragement

How to use Turndown in a sentence?

  1. The company has suffered a dramatic turndown after a storm of bad publicity.
  2. No idea should meet a flat turndown if theres a chance of a pay-off.

Meaning of Turndown & Turndown Definition