Tummy Tuck

Getting a tummy tuck surgery in Dubai has become a popular means to tighten the underlying muscles of the abdomen and get rid of the excess fat and skin. The fact that it ranks among one of the top five cosmetic surgical procedures testifies its growing popularity.

If you also planning to get under the knife for a more toned physique, here is all you need to know about the initial care following the surgery:

What to Expect After Post-Op

After the surgery, the incisions will be wrapped by bandages or dressing. To reduce swelling, you shall also wear a girdle-like compression garment. It also helps prevent the formation of blood clots. You will be required to wear this garment at all times for 4-6 weeks, except while taking a bath.

Moreover, the surgeon might place small drains (thin tubes) in the incision for drainage of excess blood or fluid from the body. In that case, you will be given the necessary instructions to keep the area clean and manage the drains. The drains are removed usually after 3 to 10 days.

Caring At Home

Regarding Activities

  • After a tummy tuck, rest is necessary. Sufficient sleep shall assist you with recovery.

  • Walk daily. No matter how little, but walk a bit more than the day before and increase it gradually. It shall help regulate blood flow.

  • Do not do strenuous exercises that strain the abdominal area such as jogging, weightlifting, aerobics, etc. Do not lift anything heavy (grocery bags, milk containers, briefcases, bags, or a child).

  • You can shower 24-48 hours after the surgery if the doctor allows. Keep the incision dry and do not bathe in the first two weeks until your surgeon permits.

  • Inquire when you can drive again. Most people return to routine 2 – 3 weeks after surgery. It depends on your job and how you feel.

Regarding Diet

  • There is no restriction as to what you can eat. However, it is recommended to eat low-fat and bland food items if your stomach is upset such as broiled chicken, plain rice, toast, and yogurt.
  • Unless your doctor prevents you, make sure that you drink plenty of fluids.
  • Tummy tuck causes irregular bowel movements. It is a common problem. Take a fiber supplement every day to prevent constipation and straining with bowel movements. Ask for a mild laxative if you haven’t had a laxative for a few days.

Caring for the Incision

  • If your incision is taped, leave it there for a week until it falls off itself. Ask a doctor for instructions.
  • See that you wash the area with warm and soapy water daily. Pat is dry.
  • If the incision rubs against clothing, you can cover it with a gauze bandage. Also, change the bandage regularly, as per the recommendation of your doctor.
  • One or two drain tubes are put in place to keep the fluids from building up under the skin. Follow your doctor’s advice regarding its care.

Regarding Medicines

  • If you are on any medications, ask your doctor about when you can begin taking them.
  • Ask your doctor if and when you can take your aspirin or some other blood thinner.
  • Follow your doctor’s directions regarding medicine.
  • In case they have prescribed you a pain killer, follow the prescription. If not, ask them if you can take any over the counter medicine.
  • If you have been prescribed antibiotics, follow the direction and complete the course. Do not stop taking them just because you feel better.

Other Care Instructions

  • Your belly needs support when you cough or take deep breaths. Hold a pillow over your incisions.
  • Do breathing exercises as per your doctor’s instructions.

Caring for your incision and follow-up is essential for your safety and treatment. See that you are regular in all your appointments to your cosmetic clinic in Dubai from where you have gotten your surgery done. Do not hesitate to call your nurse or doctor if you are having any problems.


All in all, surgery is a sensitive matter, you should take your surgeon’s expert advice and guidance throughout the recovery period and even later. With proper care, you will recover soon and flaunt your contoured and well-shaped physique. Just make sure that you don’t self-medicate and try out something on your own.