Tsubo Shiatsu Massage

Tsubo Shiatsu Massage

What is a tsibo in Shiatsu?

During the Shiatsu treatment, pressure is applied to certain points on the surface of the body with the thumb, fingers and palms of the hands. Traditionally, these points are called tsubo in Japanese. Tsubo on the body tends to accumulate fatigue and stress.

What is Tsubo Therapy?

TSUBO means pressure point in Japanese. According to the principles of reflexology, use TSUBO Activator only on the muscle or part of the body that feels tense or sore. Gently massage and practice slowly. Use at room temperature, hot or cold.

Who Else Invented Shiatsu?

Tokujiro NamikoshiIn this context, what are tsubos?

A tsubo (also called points, acupuncture points, or meridian points) is a point on the skin that is particularly sensitive to the body’s bioelectrical impulses. There are about 365 of them and they are found throughout the body along the meridians.

What is a Shiatsu treatment?

Shiatsu is a form of the therapeutic body that originated in Japan. It uses kneading, pressing, calming, tapping and stretching techniques and is performed without oil through light and comfortable clothing.

Where does Shiatsu come from?

Japan When was Shiatsu born?

The origins of Shiatsu Although this therapy derives from ancient oriental medicine, it is believed that Shiatsu was developed by the Japanese Tokujiro Namikoshi (19052000) who standardized Shiatsu treatment in the early 20th century and created the first school of Shiatsu to the world. World as taught. future Shiatsu masters.

What kind of massage is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu means fingerprint in Japanese. In this type of massage, Shiatsu therapists use firm pressure techniques and muscle manipulation using not only the fingers but also the elbows, knees and feet. This pressure is applied along certain points on the body, called meridians, to relieve tension.

What are the benefits of Shiatsu massage?

The benefits of Shiatsu massage Restoring and maintaining body energy, especially useful for those suffering from fatigue and general weakness. Improve blood circulation. It reduces stress and tension, as well as anxiety and depression. Headache relief. Promotes healing of sprains and similar injuries. Helps relieve arthritis.

Tsubo Shiatsu Massage