What is The Meaning of TRUSTEE LIABILITY?

  • TRUSTEE LIABILITY refers to Includes trustees and trustees of pension funds. It also includes the legal obligation to compensate a third party (including reasonable legal costs) for negligence in the management of funds or funds. All relevant facts that may affect the contractor must be disclosed, otherwise there are reasons to avoid the police.

Literal Meanings of TRUSTEE LIABILITY


Meanings of TRUSTEE:
  1. An individual or member of the Board of Directors who has the authority or authority to manage sincere assets and must manage them only for a purpose designated by law.

Sentences of TRUSTEE
  1. Lawyers and teachers have legal and other responsibilities, but they are always tutors.

Synonyms of TRUSTEE

administrator, agent


Meanings of LIABILITY:
  1. The person or thing whose presence or behavior causes embarrassment or harm.

Sentences of LIABILITY
  1. Of partners they l. There are countless responsibilities they take on

Synonyms of LIABILITY

hindrance, inconvenience, accountability, nuisance, answerability, handicap, burden, responsibility, encumbrance, legal responsibility