Definition of Trunk:

  1. The main woody stem of a tree as distinct from its branches and roots.

  2. A persons or animals body apart from the limbs and head.

  3. Most common type of a telephone line (circuit) that connects two switching systems one at the telephone exchange and the other at the customers premises.

  4. The elongated, prehensile nose of an elephant.

  5. A large box with a hinged lid for storing or transporting clothes and other articles.

Synonyms of Trunk

Chest, Box, Storage box, Crate, Coffer, Main stem, Bole, Stock, Torso, Body, Proboscis, Nose, Snout, L, WATS, WATS line, Anatomy, Anthrophore, Antlia, Axis, Baluster, Balustrade, Banister, Barrel, Base, Beak, Beezer, Bill, Bin, Body, Bole, Bones, Boot, Box, Branch, Bugle, Cable, Cable railway, Cane, Carcass, Carpophore, Caryatid, Case, Cask, Casket, Caudex, Caulicle, Caulis, Chest, Clay, Clod, Co-ax, Coaxial cable, Coffer, Cog railway, Colonnade, Column, Concentric cable, Conk, Corpus, Culm, Cylinder, Cylindroid, Dado, Die, Drum, El, Electric railway, Elevated, Elevated railway, Embankment, Feeder, Feeder line, Figure, Flesh, Footstalk, Form, Frame, Funicule, Funiculus, Gravity-operated railway, Haulm, Horse railway, Hulk, Jack, Junction, Leafstalk, Light railroad, Line, Locker, Main line, Material body, Metro, Monorail, Muffle, Muzzle, Nares, Neb, Newel-post, Nib, Nose, Nostrils, Nozzle, Olfactory organ, Party line, Pecker, Pedestal, Pedicel, Peduncle, Person, Petiole, Petiolule, Petiolus, Physical body, Physique, Pier, Pilaster, Pile, Piling, Pillar, Pipe, Plinth, Pole, Post, Private line, Proboscis, Queen-post, Rack railway, Rack-and-pinion railway, Rail, Rail line, Railroad, Railway, Reed, Rhinarium, Roadbed, Roadway, Roll, Roller, Rostrum, Rouleau, Schnozzle, Seedstalk, Shaft, Sidetrack, Siding, Smeller, Snoot, Snout, Socle, Soma, Spear, Spire, Staff, Stalk, Stanchion, Stand, Standard, Stem, Stipe, Stock, Straw, Street railway, Streetcar line, Subbase, Subway, Surbase, Switchback, Telegraph cable, Telegraph line, Telephone line, Terminal, Terminus, Tigella, Torso, Track, Tram, Tramline, Trestle, Trolley line, Trunk line, Tube, Turnout, Underground, Upright, Wire line

How to use Trunk in a sentence?

  1. The trunk of an Asian elephant is so exquisitely prehensile that it can pick up a dime from a concrete floor.
  2. Trees with large trunks and deep anchoring roots represent the ultimate challenge in withstanding oxygen-deprivation in wetland habitats.
  3. These tiny documents were purchased by a flea market trader in a trunk stored in the attic of a prominent Savannah family during the dispersal of an estate.
  4. The somites, now positioned on either side of the neural tube, give rise to the vertebrae and ribs, to the muscles of the trunk and limbs, and also contribute to the dermis of the skin.

Meaning of Trunk & Trunk Definition