True Colour

True Colour

Color with a depth of 24 bits per pixel and a total of 16.7 million colors.

Literal Meanings of True Colour


Meanings of True:
  1. Alignment status.

  2. Truth.

  3. Promise or truce.

  4. Straighten up.

  5. For smooth, even, symmetrical or fine alignment adjustments.

  6. (statement) corresponds to the true state of reality or is factually correct.

  7. Follow a certain rule or precise pattern.

  8. A state in Boolean logic that indicates an affirmative or positive result.

  9. Faithful, faithful.

  10. Really legal.

  11. It is used when referring to a group of species, or sometimes to an individual species, to indicate that it belongs to a group whose common name (which may be broader in general usage) is limited to technical jargon, or to distinguishable from a similar name. kind. , the latter of which can be called false.

  12. (target or projectile in archery, rifle shooting, golf, etc.) Accurately following the path to the target.

  13. Honest, impartial, uncomplicated.

  14. (literary genre) about real historical events.

  15. (shooting, throwing, etc.) Exactly.

Sentences of True
  1. He pressed the spokes of a bicycle wheel to the ground.

  2. We've been going through the report all night.

  3. This is a true story.

  4. An exact copy is a true likeness of the original.

  5. A and B are true if and only if A is true and B is true.

  6. It turned out to be a real friend.

  7. The real king has returned!.

  8. True blush (Amanita rubescens, as opposed to false blush, Amanita pantherina).

  9. This shoots accurately.


Meanings of Colour:
  1. Spectral composition of visible light.

  2. A subset of these:.

  3. He drew.

  4. A person's skin color, especially as an indication of race or ethnicity.

  5. Skin color was classified as normal, jaundice, cyanotic, red, mottled, pale, or ashen when assessing skin manifestations.

  6. Red blood spots on the face. Redness of the skin.

  7. A wealth of expressive details or flavors that can spark interest or pleasure.

  8. Default, flag or logo: .

  9. (plural) An award for achievement in sports, especially in school or college.

  10. (plural) Morning flag ceremony.

  11. A property of quarks with three values, called red, green, and blue, that they can exchange as they pass through gluons.

  12. A third-order measure of the price sensitivity of derivatives, expressed as the rate of change of gamma with respect to time or, equivalently, as the rate of change of charm with respect to changes in the price of the underlying asset.

  13. The relative lightness or darkness of a mass of written or printed text on a page. (See color type).

  14. All colored except the red one.

  15. The facade or facade of apparent truth makes it a false pretense.

  16. Similarity of the law or power of the color of the law.

  17. Add some color.

  18. Apply color to areas within the line drawing with markers or colored pencils.

  19. (person or face) Redness due to increased blood flow.

  20. Impact without complete change.

  21. Assign a quality to the view (like).

  22. Assign colors to graph vertices (or map areas) so that two vertices (areas that share a common edge) connected by an edge are a different color.

  23. Transmits color, not shades of gray.

Sentences of Colour
  1. Humans and birds can distinguish colors.

  2. The artist picked up paint and began to work on the landscape.

  3. Color is a sensitive topic in many societies.

  4. Can you tell me which products formed the sales structure for this quarter?.

  5. He got the colors for his football.

  6. Under the guise of the law, he managed to extort millions of dollars from taxpayers.

  7. We could paint the walls red.

  8. My kindergarten likes to draw.

  9. His face turned red when he realized his mistake.

  10. This interpretation certainly colors my perception of the book.

  11. The color confused me.

  12. Can this image be two-tone?.

  13. Color television and movies were considered a huge step forward from and white.

Synonyms of Colour

dye, ethnicity, stain, blee, affect, influence, complexion, tint, color in, shade, paint, race, tinge, blush, call

True Colour