Trucos De Autos Gta San Andreas

Trucos De Autos Gta San Andreas

Tips to put the car in the water? GTA San Andreas? 3

If you don't have one, give me one. Note: I don't want you to give me a complete list of tricks. All i need is water Help !!

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The trick won't work if they have another fleet with a gatekeeper.

Trucos De Autos Gta San Andreas

Trucos De Autos Gta San Andreas

LXGIWYL: Type 1 weapon.

KJKSZPJ: Type 2 weapon.

UZUMYMW: Type 3 weapon.

SDFREAK: Everything with Nitro.

MUNASEF: You activate adrenaline mode.

ASNAEB: Who are the stars for?

Mormuz: All the streets are full of gangs.

HESOYAM: Hello y arura above, 250,000 more reports in the mail.

FOOOXFT: Everyone will fig.

CPKTNWT: Blowing up a car.

BAGOWPG: You'd like to kill the bounty hunter, so be careful.

OSRBLHH: Police will search for you with 2 more stars.

LLCLP: So you won't run out of ammunition again.

BAGUVIX: Eternal.

CVWKXAM: No, wait.

XICWMD: Defines an indivisible tick.

CIKGCGX: Beach partying.

SZCMAWO: Suicide.

Brennan: The mission level will be 6 stars.

YLTEICZ: Very aggressive driving.

Natural ability: without driving.

ZEIIVG: The traffic light is always green.

IOWDLAC: Transport

LLQPFBN: Pink Traffic.

GSTTO: Low traffic.

BLUESUEDESES: Elvis is king and that's why you will only find him.

YSOHNUL: The clock is ticking.

SDITUP: The game runs fast.

Slowdown: Slow motion.

YECGAA: Uses a jet pack.

AIYPWZQP: Shoot the parachute.

AEDUV: I will never let you go hungry.

Honorary: Well, the police won't stop you.

BTCDBCB: Getting fat.

BUFFMEUP: Chief Justice will be fine.

Pray for me: Have full respect for yourself, you are afraid of everyone.

Waves: Your full claim, Mr. Women.

KVGYZQK: As thin as possible.

XJVSNAJ: So it's always midnight.

OFVIAC: The sky is orange.

AFZLLQLL: Stay warm.

ICIKPYH: He died in the heat.

MGHXYRM: For a good storm fall.

CFVFGMJ: The weather was cloudy and things weren't painted.

CWJXUOC: Sandstorm in the city.

AUIFRVQS: Let good rain fall.

Professional: Become a weapons expert.

Kangaroo: Great Summersalt.

IAVENJQ: A deadly fist.

Ajloki: Fighting between people.

BGLUAWML: Everyone will ■■■■■■ you.

VPQCF: Jumping Car.

BGK GTJH: All cars will become commercial vehicles.

FVTMNBZ: All cars will be ground vehicles.

GUSNHDE: All cars will be sporty.

Rapaza: All the cars exploded.

Flying fish: The plane will fly.


AMOMHRER: Being a tank.

This is for PC Warning> Click on the code below if you are playing.

LXGIWYL = Weapon Pack 1.

KJKSZPJ = Weapons Pack 2.

UZUMYMW = Weapon Pack 3.

HESOYAM = Arora Life and $ 250.

OSRBLHH = 2 star shining promotion.

ASNAEB = Star of Sin.

YSOHNUL = Very fast clock.

PPGWJHT = Instant Play.

LIYOAAY = Slow game.

AJLOJYQY = Band that splits.

BAGOWPG = You will kill.

FOOOXFT = Murder with dangerous weapons.

AIWPRTON = The tank appears.

CQZIJMB = making blood

JQNTDMH = A farmer appears.

PDNEJOH = Blood flower appears.

AQTBCODX = ROM appears.

KRIJEBR = Tension appears.

UBHYZHQ = Junk Manager appears.

RZHSUEW = A caddy appears.

CPKTNWT = All cars explode around you.

XICWMD = invisible checkmark.

SZCMAWO = Suicide.

YLTEICZ = Offensive shooter.

LLQPFBN = Pink Traffic

IOWDLAC = Traffic

AFSNMSMW = Venezuela Square.

BTCDBCB = fat.

JYSDSOD = Muscle for mining.

KVGYZQK = sheet.

BGLUAWML = aaa surprise.

CIKGCGX = Beach Party.

RIPAZHA = flying car.

Jumpjet = Hydra appears.

KGGGDKP = Vercraft Vortex appears.

JCNRUAD = Easy to return checkmark.

EFGU = All cars contain nitro.

BSXSGGC = Vehicle floats when your vehicle collides with it.

BAGUVIX = unlimited life.

CVWKXAM = unlimited oxygen.

AIYPWZQP = Parachute.

YECGAA = You have a jet pack.

Iskami = the police never look for you.

LJSPQK = Six Star Police.

IAVENJQ = big fist.

AEDUV = You are never hungry.

MUNASEF = Adrenaline mode

WANRLTW = Unlimited brightness

OUIQDMW = You can shoot while guiding.

THGLOJ = Low traffic.

SJMAHPE = For All of You (9mm)

OGXSDAG = Respect.

EHIBXQS = Call of the Moon.

VPQCF = Taxis contain nitro.

NCSGDAG = You have a maximum number of classified weapons.

VQIMAHA = Line level.

OHDUDE = Looks better.

AKJJYGLC = Enjoy Quad.

AMOMHRER = Tank door appears.

EEGCYXT = Digger appears.

URKQSRK = Stunt plan appears.

AGBDLCID = A Mons appears.

I have what I know about psp2, psp 3, xbox360 and so on. p says too much text, unfortunately, I leave you this trick for the computer.

Thanks so much for my Tom © n ° Ÿ ° ° °

Thanks for the key

Car in water

jbgvnb does not work

This deception doesn't exist, it's just in Vice City, I think there's a mode that lets you do it.

I did not hear.

Trucos De Autos Gta San Andreas