Trucos Age Of Mythology

Trucos Age Of Mythology

I reduced the legendary era, the answer and the keys are useless and I don't know why !!!

If your version is not a demo, the trick will tell you. Another reason is that if you are in such a response, you use the age of metallurgy.

Important: The keys must be written in the upper case, they will not be affected if you write them in short form.

Tip: When playing in window mode, you can directly copy and paste the keys, leaving no room for error.

Important: When copying, make sure not to copy any eio, without eio, from front or back, don't copy the key, otherwise it won't even appear.

The SP is helped, who deserves to lose such a game.


Enter while playing the game and enter one of the following codes.

3 133T SUPA H4XOR: Build faster.

€ L Atlantis Re: You get the hero of the expansion

AB € AB Deb de Airbus: Thousands of gold

ARK BarkBarkBarkBark: Make yourself a dog

A Â € BAWK BAWK: Gain strength

UR € Â Surf Channel: Go to the next stage of the campaign

Internet Note: Drive is slow

IV IV IV Divine Internship: Restores all used energy

OO خوف Fear of food: gives you the celestial power of the berry bushes

AT Â Gottaenheim: Gives you a sacred power that converts all the units on the map into cos.

I don't want money !!!!! : Catch a mountain of monkeys

ARK € ARK In Black HT: It's getting dark

یر Â ISIS Here My App: You've got all the heroes of the Starter campaign

€ HT Junk: A Thousand Foods

33 Â 33 L33T SUPA: Build buildings faster

ON € ON Configuration: Show map

Great! now! : Speed ​​up the game

ONT Â ONT Montolimps: You get support

. Mr. Monday: The best artificial intelligence

CA CA CAA: Get a laser

A A Pandora's Box: You get four random powers

ED ED Red Wave: Water turns red

ES ES Reset: Remove all buildings from the map

SE € SE Climbing Set: Show all animals on the map

S Win Sensitive: Win the game

P € ٹ Tons of Power: Giving you a baby fork

The Tenfell Hat: Seagulls 2 will have random game units.

OM OM Animations: Tried without time

 ایس CSR for sale: one thousand rounds

C € C Uncertain and lost: Hide map

OF S Rage: You get options for storms, earthquakes, monsoon and tornadoes

. U WUV WOO: You get a flying hippo

EN EN Xenos Paradox: Gives you random powers

Uncertain and suspicious: hide the map

Gottenham: Get energy for yourself

ZENOS PARADOX: Gives you random powers

Onochia: Immediate year tested

Resume: Remove all buildings from the map

Atlantis Re: You get the hero of the expansion

Trucos Age Of Mythology