Truco Mineiro Ordem

Truco Mineiro Ordem

When should I play which cards should I play with 6 players? (Whose trick)? 3


Generally, when gtn plays a trick with 4 players, the following cards are: 4 pause (Zap) 7 cups, speed or speed, 3.2, A, K, J, Q, 7,6.5 and all 4 The rest are but is it gtn? Should I include 6, 8, 9 Play or 12 postcards?

■■■■■, as far as I know only: US, 2, 3, Q, J, K, and only acres 4, 5, 6 and 7

Hello too!

Trix is ​​a game of cards that can be played by two or more people. There are different variants of mrse: Truco Cego or Truco Espanl (from the south of the jungle, from Argentina, Uruguay and other countries), or Truco Paulista, Capixaba or Mineiro (varies by number) or Truco Truco Ândio.

Typically, dis dis a dis of three is wrapped to see more "strong" characters (symbolic value, but more).

Tricks of Sao Paulo or Minas Gerais.

One stick should be used, preferably paper, which can be played by four or six people, half a couple or three people.

Or target the game; complete 12 points (or goals). This value can be changed in different regions as it is a normal game with 15 points.

For point égan, when two wins on one occasion, two offers. As each player has 3 cards, each player has to play in pairs to win two reels of One or Da Point.

There is no case that Seiden M £ or Cam gives more or first series (Melar or Cangar) to kill the pair to shoot. This is my third party draw, I won the pair that leads to my first series. From this, it is said, in the hands of Troko, the first thing that is important (pumpkin truck) and must do. (40% 30% 30%).

Players can request moves at any time, on time or not. It is necessary to connect the opponent to either fall (oil) or to run. If you run, the pair that demands maneuver will automatically get 1 point and will not need to show this movement. Double fall, oil or truck to roll pa has 3 points or 1 to each other.

In return, you again have a double ace or a trick, which may ask you to add 6 points or roll. This is done by talking about six or half paw. Anyone who asks for a trick should either taste it or run. If you "accept it, double six" automatically earns 3 points and does not require the opponent to show his game. There is only one way, or the game can be nine points (nine requested years) or sleep (twelve) or fifteen (fifteen or stick). Couples who ask or cheat cannot ask for six and those who ask for six cannot ask for nine, etc.

A bad eleven is a special shot when one of the two teams (pairs or three) is winning either game points (11 or 12 for 12 points, 15 for 14). We filmed, after distributing the letter to the identified Manila (see below), a member of the team with 11 points could watch his carousel game. Although he could not exchange cards efficiently, he could tell exactly which cards he had, and whether his bodyguards would roll the dice. In Ecolham Play, the game is automatically worth 3 points and you cannot claim a total loss penalty trick. If they choose to run away, you fight them and get 1 point. This clear swing with 11 points is another big plus.

In some areas, when both teams have 11 (or 14) points, there is an iron hand, which gets really black when two players can play cards.

Card price

For games like Fixed Shackle (a four card game, also called Shackle Keys, always the same), in descending order:

4 rests (zippers), 7 cups (cupita or cuplaha), sword (splitter), 7 diamonds (spur or pike), all 3Â, all 2Â, the rest as (diamonds, cups and rest), all laugh, all go , All Queen, Remaining 7 (Bates & Speeds), The € € 6Ã €, Bone â € 5Ã €, Bone â € 4Ã €, Zip Exception.

For sports such as variable shackles, to give the letter © © empusa, it is treated as four fixed shackles because its value corresponds to its value (or four breaks one four, one cup seven or diamonds aa seven, etc.). A MAXOR card to ensure that the value of the designated card exceeds â œ Ã3à ،, or that the dealer's card turns players randomly while dealing cards. As a handcuff, they will be the cards that move forward, and both cards will comply with the rating. Example: The dealer deals 3 cards to each player and jack. As Manilahas goalkeeper you'll laugh, the king of stops, the waiter or king glass, the king of speeds and end or diamonds, and then â € 3à ⠀, € € "JÃ" Qà "7à ⠀", € œ6à "," 5à "and" 4à ". For each new launch after the distribution of the card, a new shackle is rated.

Note: Bone 8, 9 and 10 or no truck games were used. When these cards are out of play, we call it a complete (or dirty) deck of cards. Anyone can choose to play the empty baral (or clean), retired or number € € 7Ã € 6Ã, € € Ã5Ã â € and 4Ã € ³, zippers and shackles 7 cups and more than 7 diamonds.

For the Mineiro Jogado maneuver of 6 people in a row, type the following letter:

Wild (wild which is a cup), Letrado (extra wild), 7 pause (out of seven)

Truco Mineiro Ordem