Trojan horse

Trojan horse,

Definition of Trojan horse:

  1. A hollow wooden statue of a horse in which the Greeks concealed themselves in order to enter Troy.

  2. Innocent-looking computer program that appears to perform a legitimate and useful function, but also secretly performs destructive and illegal functions such as destroying the stored data or allowing an outsider to gain unauthorized access to the system. Unlike a computer virus, a Trojan horse usually does not replicate itself from one computer to another to spread across a wide area.

How to use Trojan horse in a sentence?

  1. Bear in mind the legendary Trojan Horse, which allowed Greek soldiers to penetrate the walls of Troy.

Meaning of Trojan horse & Trojan horse Definition

Trojan Horse,

What is The Definition of Trojan Horse?

You can define Trojan Horse as, A type of malicious software (malware) called Wooden Horse that crawled into Greek Trojan horses and disguised itself as a legitimate computer program. For example, games, image files, disk utilities or even anti-virus programs. Users are often deceived into downloading Trojan Horse on their system because they show files from harmless and useful software or legitimate sources. Once activated, Trojans can carry out a variety of attacks on computer systems, including deleting files, stealing data, allowing malicious users to access the system, or activating other malicious software such as viruses. And spread can be requested. Unlike viruses and worms, Trojan horses do not infect other files, nor do they reproduce them.

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Meanings of Trojan:
  1. About ancient Troy in Asia Minor.

  2. Locals or inhabitants of ancient Troy.

  3. Trojan horse program.

Sentences of Trojan
  1. Symptoms of Troy


Meanings of Horse:
  1. Large domestic mammals with strong hooves and flowing mane and tail, used for load riding, running and carrying and pulling.

  2. The structure or structure in which something is fixed or supported, especially a lattice.

  3. Force unit

  4. Heroin

  5. Blood vessel obstruction.

  6. Provide a horse or stallion (person or vehicle).

Sentences of Horse
  1. The wheat and the wheat harvester were pulled by two horses and carried away by two men

  2. Lyari and his men were on horseback and equipped, but the war ended before they could be sent to Cuba.

Synonyms of Horse

frame, chassis, horse, framework, subframe, plinth, bottom, structure, mount, prop, base, holder, chock, trivet, bracket, support, rest, rack, substructure, mounting, charger, stand, platform