Definition of Triplex:

  1. (of electrical equipment or systems) be provided or fitted in triplicate so as to ensure reliability.

  2. Having three parts, in particular (of a residence) on three floors.

  3. A triple-stranded polynucleotide molecule.

  4. A building divided into three self-contained residences.

  5. Building with three apartments, or three townhouses separated by party walls.

Synonyms of Triplex

Deltoid, Fan-shaped, Tern, Ternal, Ternary, Ternate, Three, Three-in-one, Three-ply, Threefold, Treble, Triadic, Trial, Triangular, Trilogic, Trinal, Trine, Triple, Triplicate, Triune, Trio, Triplet, Triplets, Triumvirate, Triad, Trinity, Troika, Triunity, Triangle, Triplex

How to use Triplex in a sentence?

  1. The certificate is currently only required for triplexes and apartments.
  2. His vast triplex apartment.
  3. Later it was found that homopurine strands can also specifically form a DNA triplex in which the AT base pair is contacted by an A and the GC base pair by a G.
  4. Diplexed and triplexed types have a single cable input which is selectively split to the outlet sockets.

Meaning of Triplex & Triplex Definition