Definition of Triple:

  1. A sporting contest in which each side has three players.

  2. A hit which enables the batter to reach third base.

  3. A system of change ringing using seven bells, with three pairs changing places each time.

  4. A thing that is three times as large as usual or is made up of three standard units or items.

  5. Hotel accommodation for three people.

  6. Hit a triple.

  7. Another term for trifecta.

  8. Three times as much or as many.

  9. Consisting of or involving three parts, things, or people.

  10. Become three times as much or as many.

Synonyms of Triple

Trio, Threesome, Triumvirate, Triad, Troika, Three-way, Tripartite, Accelerate, Aggravate, Beef up, Blow up, Complicate, Concentrate, Condense, Consolidate, Cube, Deepen, Deltoid, Double, Enhance, Exacerbate, Exaggerate, Fan-shaped, Heat up, Heighten, Hop up, Hot up, Intensify, Jazz up, Key up, Magnify, Make complex, Multiply by three, Ramify, Redouble, Reinforce, Sharpen, Soup up, Step up, Strengthen, Tern, Ternal, Ternary, Ternate, Three, Three-in-one, Three-ply, Threefold, Threesome, Treble, Triadic, Trial, Triangular, Trilogic, Trinal, Trine, Trinity, Trio, Triplex, Triplicate, Triumvirate, Triune, Troika, Whet, Treble, Increase by three

How to use Triple in a sentence?

  1. I can ring touches of Stedman Doubles no problems but whenever I look at the Stedman Triples work I get nowhere.
  2. Two whiskies—triples, please.
  3. He tripled into right field.
  4. A triple murder.
  5. The copper energy cells had triple the efficiency of silicon cells.
  6. He got back and started pounding doubles and triples down the third base line.
  7. In the triples event, the three women grabbed a silver medal after winning four games, drawing one and losing the other.

Meaning of Triple & Triple Definition