Triple Exponential Moving Average (TEMA)

Triple Exponential Moving Average (TEMA),

How To Define Triple Exponential Moving Average (TEMA)?

  • A simple definition of Triple Exponential Moving Average (TEMA) is: The triple high-speed moving average is designed to compensate for price fluctuations and make it easy to find trends without having to deal with the traditional moving average (MA). This is done by taking some fast moving average (EMA) of the original EMA and reducing some delays.

    • The TEMA angle can be used to indicate the direction of the short-term price.
    • The TEMA formula is complex and actually reduces some offsets.
    • If the price is above the theme, the price increase is confirmed.
    • If the price is below THEME, the down trend will be confirmed.
    • If the price is higher than the theme, it may indicate that the price is falling or falling.
    • If the price is higher than the theme, the price may start to increase.

Literal Meanings of Triple Exponential Moving Average (TEMA)


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