Triple-dip Recession

Triple-dip Recession,

What Does Triple-dip Recession Mean?

  1. A recession in which there are two short periods of economic growth and then a recession returns before the final recovery. Look at the shape of the recession.

Literal Meanings of Triple-dip Recession


Meanings of Triple:
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  1. Triple murder

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treble, trio, troika, three-way, triad, triumvirate, threesome, tripartite, increase by three


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Meanings of Recession:
  1. A period of temporary economic downturn in which the decline in trade and industry, usually two-quarters of the GDP decline.

  2. The process of reversing the movement away from the observer.

Sentences of Recession
  1. The country is in a complete recession

  2. The expansion of the universe is explained by a very simple equation called Hubble Law: the rate of recession in galaxies is the constant time of distance.

Synonyms of Recession

credit crunch, economic decline, credit squeeze, downturn, slump, depression, trough, slowdown

Triple-dip Recession,

Triple-dip Recession Definition:

  • A recession in which there are two short periods of economic growth, each of which is followed by a return to recession, a final recovery. See return form.

Literal Meanings of Triple-dip Recession


Meanings of Triple:
  1. Consists of or consisting of three things or people.

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Sentences of Triple
  1. Copper power cell doubles the efficiency of silicon cell.

  2. Two triple whiskey please

  3. The price of wheat should be tripled.

Synonyms of Triple



Meanings of Dip:
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  9. Document Imaging, a system for digitally storing and retrieving documents in the form of scanned images.

  10. The dual inline package, the integrated circuit package, consists of a closed rectangular unit with two parallel rows of pins facing downwards.

  11. Diplomat

Sentences of Dip
  1. They refresh themselves by bathing in the pool.

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Meanings of Recession:
  1. A period of temporary economic downturn in which trade and industrial activity slows, usually characterized by a two-quarter GDP decline.

Synonyms of Recession

bust, hard times, stagnation, stagflation