Triple Bottom Line (TBL)

Triple Bottom Line (TBL),

Definition of Triple Bottom Line (TBL):

  • In economics, the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) believes that companies should be committed to focusing on social and environmental issues and benefits. TBL's theory assumes that instead of one result, there should be three: profit, individuals and planet. TBL seeks to assess the company's commitment to corporate social responsibility and its impact on the environment over time.

    • The purpose of the triple bottom line is to measure a company's financial, social, and environmental performance over time.
    • TBL consists of three components: profit, individuals and planet.
    • The TBL theory is that if a company is about profit and ignores people and the planet, it cannot calculate all the costs of doing business.

  • Meaning of Triple Bottom Line (TBL): People, Planet, Profit Initially, the end result was seen as net profit. In recent years, with the growing popularity of corporate social responsibility, companies measure the success of projects not only in terms of money, but also in terms of their social and environmental performance.

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