Trip Lease

Trip Lease,

What is Trip Lease?

  1. Rental of goods for road transporters (tenants) for cross-border movement as defined in the International Registration Plan

Literal Meanings of Trip Lease


Meanings of Trip:
  1. Hanging feet from something and tripping or falling

  2. Fast, easy walking, running or dancing.

  3. Activation (mechanism), mainly through contact with switches, leaches or other electrical devices.

  4. Loose and anchored off the seabed with a floating line attached to the crown of the anchor.

  5. Experimenting with hallucinations due to the use of cyclic drugs, especially LSD.

  6. Take a short trip.

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  10. Devices that activate or disconnect mechanisms, circuits, etc.

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Sentences of Trip
  1. He turned his cat around

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  7. Travel and fall cause half of all accidents

  8. Trigger mechanism

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Synonyms of Trip

skip, cruise, run lightly, dream, lose one's balance, daydream, slip, prance, trek, illusion, totter, caper, apparition, lose one's footing, stumble, false step, vision, hike, delusion, go on a journey, stagger, activate, misstep, travel, waltz, frisk, dance, hop, gambol


Meanings of Lease:
  1. Rent subsidy (property).

  2. An agreement under which one of the parties transfers land, land, services, etc. The other party, for a specified period, usually in exchange for regular payments.

Sentences of Lease
  1. Rent a website from a local business

  2. Six months rent in a store

Synonyms of Lease

charge for the use of, hire, rent, rental agreement, sublet, contract, farm out, hire agreement, hire out, sublease, leasehold, rent out, charter

Trip Lease,

How To Define Trip Lease?

  • Definition of Trip Lease: In the case of the International Registration Plan, leasing of vehicle equipment to road hollers (Lazy) for cross-border movement.

Literal Meanings of Trip Lease


Meanings of Trip:
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  7. Psychological experiments due to the use of psychiatric drugs, especially LSD.

  8. A device that activates or disconnects mechanisms, circuits, etc.

  9. The movement of the legs is light and strong.

  10. A small group of water birds

Sentences of Trip
  1. The cat got stuck

  2. They stumbled on the roof stairs.

  3. Someone is sounding the alarm

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  5. Take some time to explore our museum on your way through Yukon.

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  7. Travel and falls cause almost half of all accidents.

  8. Acid travel

Synonyms of Trip

junket, spill, excursion, drive, visit, spring, outing, set off, flip, fall, transfer, scamper, measure one's length, catch one's foot, throw, take a trip, hurl, peregrination, jaunt, tour, bound, fall down, spin, holiday, day out, voyage, topple, peregrinate, pilgrimage


Meanings of Lease:
  1. An agreement in which a party provides property, goods, services, etc. For a certain period of time, usually in exchange for regular payments.

  2. Lease Discount (Property)

Synonyms of Lease

tenure, booking, period of occupation, let out, tenancy, period of occupancy