Trip Interruption

Trip Interruption,

Definition of Trip Interruption:

Trip Interruption means: Travel barriers are the kind of coverage that many travel insurers offer. Travel barrier insurance covers passengers' losses in the event of unforeseen but necessary travel barriers. If people have travel accident insurance, they do not have to pay the full cost of their trip if they need to shorten it.

Trip Interruption means, If an unexpected crisis occurs during your trip (for example, the death of a family member, illness, air strikes, travel agent bankruptcy), etc. Want to cancel, interrupt or delay. .

Literal Meanings of Trip Interruption


Meanings of Trip:
  1. Put your foot on something and travel or fall.

  2. Walk, run or dance with easy and fast steps.

  3. Enable (mechanism), especially by contact with switches, locks or other electrical devices.

  4. Luzen and elevator (an anchor) from the seabed using a series of floats aboard the anchor.

  5. Experience the hall when taking psychedelics, especially LSD

  6. Take a short trip.

  7. Basically going somewhere for fun and going back for travel or tourism.

  8. Slipping or falling due to stepping on something

  9. Experience fraud due to the use of psychedelics, especially LSD.

  10. Devices that activate or interfere with mechanisms, circuits, etc.

  11. The movement of the legs is light and fast.

  12. A herd or group of goats, sheep or other animals.

  13. A small flock of waterfowl.

Sentences of Trip
  1. Slipped over his cat

  2. They are stumbling on the steps of the porch

  3. An intruder sets off an alarm

  4. When everyone started, someone dropped the anchor that we used to secure our boat.

  5. When traveling through the Yukon, take the time to explore our museum

  6. Sales schools are on a picnic

  7. Travel and fall account for half of all accidents

Synonyms of Trip

slip, totter, stagger, dream, waltz, hop, gambol, take a trip, mirage, run lightly, go on a excursion, fantasy, go on a trip, go on a journey, frisk, cruise, bound, set off, delusion, lose one's footing, activate, vision, outing, caper, slide


Meanings of Interruption:
  1. The act of disturbing or disrupting.

Sentences of Interruption
  1. Opportunities to study without distractions

Synonyms of Interruption

intervention, interference, cutting in, obtrusion, disturbance, intrusion