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Trip Cancellation,

Trip Cancellation means,

Trip cancellation insurance is a type of insurance that protects passengers in the form of travel cancellation insurance. Travel insurance often offers trip cancellation insurance for a variety of reasons. As long as the reason for canceling the trip is covered by the policy, the insured is covered by the losses incurred from the canceled trip.

Offers travel, reimbursement of expenses and non-refundable deposit when travel is canceled due to illness, death or any unforeseen special circumstances. If you have to cancel your travel insurance for any of the reasons before the trip, you have the benefit of canceling the trip.

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Meanings of Trip:
  1. When your foot touches something and trips or falls.

  2. Fast, easy walking, running or dancing.

  3. Activation (mechanism), mainly through contact with switches, leaches or other electrical devices.

  4. Loosen and lift (anchor) off the seabed using the floating rope attached to the anchor crown.

  5. Experimenting with hallucinations due to the use of cyclic drugs, especially LSD.

  6. Take a short trip.

  7. Basically going somewhere for fun and returning from a trip or sightseeing.

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  9. Experience fraud due to the use of cyclic drugs, especially LSD.

  10. Devices that activate or disconnect mechanisms, circuits, etc.

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Sentences of Trip
  1. The cat slipped

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  3. The thief sounded the alarm

  4. When everyone was out, someone dropped the anchor that we wanted to use to stabilize our boat.

  5. Take a moment to explore our museum on the way to Yukon

  6. Celes goes on a school trip

Synonyms of Trip

outing, take a trip, skip, chimera, mirage, trigger, illusion, go on a excursion, frisk, vision, fantasy, catch one's foot, bound, tour, hike, lose one's footing, travel, cruise, caper, dance, daydream, slide


Meanings of Cancellation:
  1. The act of canceling something that was arranged or planned.

Sentences of Cancellation
  1. The government has threatened to cancel the project

Synonyms of Cancellation

reversal, invalidation, retraction, abrogation, cancellation, revocation, nullification, rescindment