The person I care for has been diagnosed with trichomoniasis. Does anyone have any information about his status, please? ? 3

What do you mean: asterisculosis?

Trichthylomania (TTM), or Trich as it is commonly known, is a contagious disorder characterized by repeated pulling of hair from the scalp, eyelids, hair, nose hair, hair, eyebrows, or other hair. Is required. It may be closely related to obsessive compulsive disorder or Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome, which is common to them.

If you mean trichomoniasis:

Unnatural desire to tear your hair.

Tricks, hair. Tylen, shoot. Mania, here.

Taber Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary

I couldn't find much information about it, but it seems to be related to hair loss. Man and woman.

I apologize to your friend and I'm sorry I didn't get any more information.

All my wishes!