Trial Offer

Trial Offer,

How Do You Define Trial Offer?

  1. Definition of Trial Offer: Temporary company offer is usually for first time buyers, where customers can try a product or service for free or for a short period of time at a low price.

Literal Meanings of Trial Offer


Meanings of Trial:
  1. Try it (somewhat a new product in particular) to decide its suitability or performance.

  2. (Horse, dog or other animal) Participate in the event.

  3. A regular review of evidence before a judge to determine guilt in a criminal or civil case, and a jury in general.

  4. Testing someone's performance, qualities or abilities or something else.

  5. A person, object, or situation that tests a person's endurance.

Sentences of Trial
  1. All seeds are carefully tested in different growing conditions.

  2. The dog was tested on Saturday

  3. Study Journal Report

  4. Clinical Trials Whether a new hip replacement works.

  5. The trials and tribulations of married life

Synonyms of Trial

lawsuit, inconvenience, tribunal, legal action, plague, pilot study, thorn in one's flesh, worry, suit, proceedings, one's cross to bear, pest, legal proceedings, case, source of irritation, put through its paces, court case, vexation, litigation, nuisance, experiment, carry out trials on


Meanings of Offer:
  1. Introduce or present (someone) as you wish, accept or reject.

  2. Express a desire to do or give something when asked.

Sentences of Offer
  1. May I buy you a drink?

  2. Mallory accepted the offer to buy him a drink

Synonyms of Offer

propound, submission, render, present, approach, recommend, proposition, tender, overture, proposal, suggest, submit, propose, proffer, come up with, provide, suggestion, put forward, advance, give, extend

Trial Offer,

How Do You Define Trial Offer?

  1. The offer of a temporary company is usually for first time buyers, where customers can try the service for a specified period of time for free or at a reduced price.

Literal Meanings of Trial Offer


Meanings of Trial:
  1. Regular review of evidence before a judge and jury in general to determine guilt or guilt in a civil trial.

  2. A test of someone's or something's performance, qualities, or abilities.

  3. Sports competition to test the skills of the players who qualify for the team selection.

  4. An event in which a horse, dog or other animal competes or acts.

  5. A person, thing, or situation that tests a person's resilience or tolerance.

  6. Try something (especially a new product) to evaluate its suitability or performance.

  7. (Horse, dog or other animal) participates in the event.

  8. Be taken to court

Sentences of Trial
  1. The editor-in-chief referred to the scandal.

  2. In civil and criminal cases, the appellate courts rely heavily on jury decisions to transfer one witness to another.

  3. They can hate the people in court and the judge can initiate civil proceedings with the consent of the plaintiff.

  4. The cancellation is a by-product of the defendant's strong right to a jury trial.

  5. In criminal cases, it is up to the jury, as an expert, not a witness, to draw conclusions from the evidence.

  6. Yes, but they deal with judges and their respective roles in criminal cases.

  7. The evidence base of the judge's decision in this case raises four issues.

  8. Although the jury is a common practice in civil courts, it is the jury that decides and therefore it is considered a fact.

  9. There should be no violation of criminal procedure or its use as evidence in criminal proceedings.

Synonyms of Trial

difficulty, judicial proceedings, tournament, match, ordeal, encounter, misadventure, hearing, stroke of bad luck, burden, meet, try out, trauma, source of aggravation, put to the test, misfortune, game, setback, the bane of one's life, anxiety, tribulation, source of annoyance, inquiry


Meanings of Offer:
  1. Offer (someone) or offer (someone) Accept or reject as you wish.

  2. Express your consent or intention to do something on behalf of someone else.

  3. Put it up for sale.

  4. Provide (access or opportunity)

  5. A gift to a deity (prayer or sacrifice).

  6. Try it out or show that you are ready (violence or resistance)

  7. Give the enemy a chance to (fight).

  8. The amount that someone is willing to pay for something.

  9. Especially the low price or condition of something offered.

  10. You have something available to use or enjoy.

  11. Contact for friendship.

  12. Available.

  13. Ready to sell or work at a reasonable price.

Sentences of Offer
  1. He expects those who make donations to accept donations according to their position.

  2. All I said was that they considered me and if they offered me I would accept.

  3. Today, most schools offer scholarships to children who specialize in music, sports, or the arts.

  4. Anosella offers sweets to everyone present and can't resist the temptation to bring a Chatterjee sandwich.

  5. Both were accepted by Cornell, who offered them teaching assistance.

  6. Although Lance often meets them and offers them new jobs and homes, they deny his presence.

  7. The employees also rejected the new company's separation package for 1,000 sacked employees.

  8. The WelfarePlan also provides penalties for unemployed people who do not accept the jobs offered to them.

Synonyms of Offer

show itself, try, step forward, ask for bids for, show, come forward, immolate, make available, be at someone's disposal, volunteer one's services, happen, put under the hammer, put in an offer of, sell, put on the market, present oneself, appear, present itself, market, bidding price