Trial de novo

Trial de novo,

Definition of Trial de novo:

  1. Retrial that is conducted in an appellate court like a new trial, as if no hearing took place before in the lower court.

Meaning of Trial de novo & Trial de novo Definition

Trial De Novo,

How Do You Define Trial De Novo?

  • New cases are pending in the district courts, which are ongoing as if there is no trial in a lower court.

Literal Meanings of Trial De Novo


Meanings of Trial:
  1. Regular review of evidence before a judge, and usually to determine irregularities in jury, criminal or civil cases.

  2. A test of someone else's performance, quality or skill.

  3. A person, object, or situation that tests a person's resistance or tolerance.

  4. Try it out (especially a new product) to test its compatibility or performance.

  5. (A horse, dog or other animal) takes part in the test.

Sentences of Trial
  1. Newspaper reports

  2. Clinical Trials Whether the new hip prosthesis is working

  3. The trials and tribulations of married life

  4. All seeds are carefully tested in different growing conditions

  5. The dog was tested on Saturday

Synonyms of Trial

court case, case, lawsuit, suit, hearing, inquiry, tribunal, litigation, judicial proceedings, legal proceedings, proceedings, legal action, test, try-out, experiment, pilot study, nuisance, pest, bother, irritant, source of annoyance, source of irritation, worry


Meanings of De:
  1. Defensive performance

  2. Delaware (under official postal use).


Meanings of Novo:
  1. (Formation of verbs and their derivatives) in the background.

  2. Indicates termination (included in a verb and its derivatives).

  3. Displays configuration.

Sentences of Novo
  1. Walk

  2. Insult