Trial By Jury

Trial By Jury,

What is Trial By Jury?

  • The definition of Trial By Jury is: After being prosecuted by a group of selected individuals from the citizens of a particular district, where they will decide matters relating to one or more facts and determine them by their own judgment.

Literal Meanings of Trial By Jury


Meanings of Trial:
  1. Try to measure its suitability or performance (especially a new product).

  2. (Horse, dog or other animal) Participate in the event.

  3. A regular review of evidence before a judge to determine guilt in a criminal or civil case, and a jury in general.

  4. Testing someone's performance, qualities or abilities or something else.

  5. A person, object, or situation that tests a person's perseverance or tolerance.

Sentences of Trial
  1. All seeds are carefully tested in different growing conditions.

  2. The dog was tested on Saturday

  3. Daily study report

  4. Clinical Trials Whether a new hip replacement works.

  5. Trials and tribulations in married life

Synonyms of Trial

source of irritation, inconvenience, case, tribunal, legal action, proceedings, problem, the bane of one's life, pilot study, source of aggravation, hearing, legal proceedings, one's cross to bear, suit, nuisance, inquiry, source of annoyance, vexation, lawsuit, plague, bother, worry, try out, irritant, experiment, experiment with, judicial proceedings, put through its paces, try-out, test


Meanings of By:
  1. Identify the operating agent.

  2. Show me how to get something.

  3. Enter the amount or size of the margin.

  4. Set a deadline or expiration date.

  5. Includes location or location of physical object near object.

  6. Identify the period when something happened.

  7. About

  8. Used in sweet desires.

  9. Compound

Sentences of By
  1. Malaria can be controlled by parasitic attacks

  2. The cost of this scam was several miles

  3. I have to report this before Monday.

  4. The body was found on the side of the road.

  5. What you do is good for me

  6. A car passes on the road

Synonyms of By

via, next door to, no later than, with, in good time for, on grounds of, due to, cheek by jowl with, next to, adjacent to, side by side with, by use of, beyond, by, on the strength of, by the side of, past, as a result of, along, owing to, by reason of, at the side of, before, as far as … is concerned, thanks to, alongside, according to


Meanings of Jury:
  1. Jury (art or craft exhibition or exhibition)

  2. A group of people (usually twelve) take an oath to rule in a court case based on the evidence presented in court.

  3. (Pole or other arrangement) Insomnia or temporary.

Sentences of Jury
  1. This display is measured by an upholstery

  2. The jury unanimously returned the sentence

  3. We need to fix the steering wheel

Synonyms of Jury

interim, impromptu, temporary, short-term, makeshift, provisional, working, rough and ready, improvised, pro tem, emergency