Definition of Trend:

  1. A topic that has been the subject of countless articles on social media sites in a short period of time.

  2. The pattern of gradual change in state, output or process, or the general or average trend of a series of data points, as well as moving in a certain direction over time. , It is represented by lines. Or curves on the graph.

  3. Turn or spread in the normal direction.

  4. A fashion

  5. The general direction in which something grows or changes.

  6. (Any title) will be the title of many posts on social media sites at any given time.

Synonyms of Trend

Ongoing, Defluxion, Ascent, Steer, Divagate, Bon ton, Verge, Mainstream, Sinking, Bent, Prevailing taste, Climbing, Movement, Tone, Set toward, Forward motion, Millrace, Undertow, Flood, Veer, Turn, Incline, Flush, Line of march, Tend, Issue, Point, Diverge, Passage, Movement, Drift, Have a tendency, Swing, Main current, Conduce, Flow out, Fad, Brownian movement, Bias, Mounting, Hold a heading, Direction, Downflow, Oblique motion, Bend, Affluence, Plunging, Angular motion, Pour, Reflux, Refluence, Work toward, Mode, Convention, Backing, Azimuth, Craze, Bearing, Downpour, The main course, Mill run, Soaring, Turn, Axial motion, Course, Regression, Style, Head, Drift, Onward course, Make, Progression, Descending, Current, Aim, Downward motion, Lie, Leaning, Turn aside, Backward motion, Rising, Track, Random motion, Flux, Swing, Flow in, Leaning, Tendency, Heel, Piloting, Lean, Vogue, Rage, Flight, Backflowing, Line, Curve, Concourse, Reflowing, Steerage, Surge back, Bend to, Heading, Point to, Serve, Descent, Detour, Warp, Divaricate, Shift, Current, Digress, Swerve, Glacial movement, Lean, Gravitate, Deviate, Course, Shift, High fashion, Tend to go, Style, Dispose, Rage, Sideward motion, Bear off, Retrogression, Radial motion, Tenor, Proper thing, Change the bearing, Fashion, Vary, Surge, Run, Regurgitate, Career, Stream of fashion, Sheer, Depart from, The general tendency, Mode, Crosscurrent, Direction, Trajet, Flow, Ebb, Afflux, Direction line, Go, Inclination, Stream, Fluency, Set, Ascending, Lay, Branch off, Tack, Upward motion, Show a tendency, Swim, Helmsmanship, Navigation, Steering, Sternway, Subsiding, Spate, Way, Tendency, Run, Flowing, Incline, Shift, Tend, Craze, Line of direction, Bear, Veer, Race, Range, Flow back, Mania, Motion, Contribute, Progress, Driftage, Undercurrent, Move, Inflow, Drift, Traject, Look to, Affluxion, Cry, Custom, Tide, Fashion, Advance, Go, Ebbing, Water flow, Conflux, Orientation, Time spirit, Look, Outflow, Thing, Zeitgeist, Redound to, Head, Haute couture, Furore, Inclination, Rush, Quarter, Lead, Gush, Onrush, Vogue, Wind, Confluence, Swing

How to use Trend in a sentence?

  1. In order to follow a trend, you need to not only know what is happening, but also be careful enough to predict what will happen in the future.
  2. Before thinking about investing in the stock market, you should know that market trends are characterized by high volatility and rapid volatility.
  3. I just saw the latest trends on Twitter.
  4. For more than 20 days, most of Twitter's main trends have been linked to the Olympics.
  5. Unemployment is rising.
  6. Modern dance trends.
  7. The company is concerned about the declining trend in sales of its new products after months of recorded sales.
  8. Increasing sales trends and profit margins.

Meaning of Trend & Trend Definition