Trem Bao

Trem Bao

Yes good train! Did you know or train? ۔

So Minerada ... let's go to the train to talk .... lol .... I found it very interesting.

Oh, what a wonderful year.

The correct meaning of the word train.

Interestingly, or many Manasirs saw the tone one day when the Kishki epidemic caused dissatisfaction among journalists who stated the following: Trains beat forward in Minas.

Obviously miners won't make life important, but I mean two things are going to win. It could be a must-have car, a car and a motorcycle, a cart and a bullock cart, or the same thing between a bad ride and a table.

Out of curiosity, he decided to consult O'Reilly. And what he said:

Tram [C French / English. Trend.] Masculine noun.

1 set of items that become passenger luggage.

2. Lashkar, I live.

3. Duma House in Malaria.

4. A set of items suitable for the given test ...

5. Carriage, sage.

6. Fabric, process, interposed.

March 7 A group of GS auxiliary aircraft for military service (repair, air, etc.). 8. Second joint rail electric iron. 9. Second kitchen battery.

10. Second MG-C.O Pop Music. Anything or thing, thing, business, thing, piece: cooking or watching rice and pepper, special tram, picked up from there. (Humberto Crispim Borges, Cake de To, p. 186) 11.s. MG S. Fam. Individual want to load without cost or off.

See Das or Train Gear Flavors یا © a or 8th, and is still considered Sailorsmo.

I say, or with a friend who is an expert in pleading, that one question enslaves me: the railroad train is specifically known as the tram because of what it brought, because That's how it takes people's trains. It should be noted that the time at that time was either Sul, or more importantly, a faulty railway line with relative capacity and rail transport. IM, it's natural for people to do this.

Series M:

Mining all, above all, by the world. In addition to being literate, there is still humility and oil or two other countries trying to shape because they use the word tram. In fact, it is part of the Monroe Christian mind. He listens happily: sorry for an hour, because no or you know what you're saying.

Train ... The band that will take you there will let the miners know how to move properly.

Very good!!!

Congratulations on the post.

Hello figure

Tram ƒÂ Tram Yue !!!!!!

I liked your translation, a belief that explains many good deeds.

Um, what a wonderful year.

Tram B or it could be brown sugar, food for R skirts, everything even money as tram !!

The miner heard trembling !!

In the meantime, use Street Carver's clothing for that time or miner or almost everything. HÃÂàincludes the famous joke:

Partis tram

The woman was at the station or on the train, dying to have her bladder removed. At any time, the hair should be checked on the platform in advance for less than 10 minutes, either by train or by rail or tram. He moved from place to place, from place to place, I added that he could not be taken and faith in the bathroom.

When he came back or his tram had arrived, but it had already passed.

Oh no ! She sat on the floor and shed tears.

In this or that mine, loneliness, almost they:

, ", Boss! en I urinate and leave the tram! He explained.

Uai, sinra wasn't born with more tram matches?

It's really amazing that a tram, a combination of a train, is considered silent. I'm not an etymologist, but I think it's too minus to explain to a friend. As an effect register ouaiss that the tram is doing m. Practice pulling, pulling, pulling tram, train, fr. With it, sedo or larousse, trend © © or all railway trains pulled (traînÃÂà© s) comb of one or more years. Unfortunately, I still do not have the Etymological Dictionary of Antennor Necessities, which is probably a better explanation of this question. So, if you want to reduce the number of miners, you have made it clear that you, the scholar, have a grain of salt to deal with, minor. Now to get 10 more and we talked.



My mother is talking. I am going to wash the car.

That Camp © de Campo Belo ... you should know. =]


Trem Bao