Definition of Treaty:

  1. Legally binding contract between two or more sovereign states.

  2. A formally concluded and ratified agreement between countries.

Synonyms of Treaty

NATO, SEATO, Accord, Agreement, Alliance, Arrangement, Bargain, Capitulation, Cartel, Charter, Compact, Concord, Concordat, Contract, Convention, Covenant, Deal, Entente, Entente cordiale, International agreement, League, Mutual-defense treaty, Nonaggression pact, Pact, Paction, Reconciliation, Settlement, Understanding, Agreement, Settlement, Pact, Deal, Entente, Concordat, Accord, Concord, Protocol, Compact, Convention, Contract, Covenant, Bargain, Pledge

How to use Treaty in a sentence?

  1. The two Presidents signed a ten-year treaty of solidarity.

Meaning of Treaty & Treaty Definition