Treaty Override

Treaty Override,

What is The Definition of Treaty Override?

A term often used to refer to the subsequent enactment of a law that conflicts with the obligations of the previous agreement. As a rule, the provisions of the National Tax Agreement take precedence over other national laws. In some countries, however, relations are subject to last-minute rules.

Literal Meanings of Treaty Override


Meanings of Treaty:
  1. Government agreements on which there is consensus and consensus between countries.

Sentences of Treaty
  1. The two presidents signed a ten-year solidarity agreement

Synonyms of Treaty

contract, concord, bargain, deal, accord, pact, settlement, entente, agreement, convention, protocol, covenant, compact, concordat, pledge


Meanings of Override:
  1. Use your discretion to reject or withdraw (decisions, opinions, etc.)

  2. Usually defer operation (of automatic device) to take manual control.

  3. The Overlapping Act

  4. Travel or movement

  5. A device that interrupts automatic functions on the machine.

  6. Increase or increase in budget, wages or expenses.

  7. Invaluable decisions using options or gaining votes

Sentences of Override
  1. MPs are pushing for the repeal of the budget veto

  2. Part of the deposit was left and covered with sticky ice

  3. Flash needs to be controlled manually to be useful.

  4. Excessive commissions benefit those who come unfairly

  5. The DPR voted 10% less than the required majority for the exemption

Synonyms of Override

overrule, overturn, set aside, countermand, disallow, quash, overthrow, veto