Treasury Note

Treasury Note,

What is The Definition of Treasury Note?

A simple definition of Treasury Note is: Intermediate-term interchangeable loan (one to ten years) issued by the US government and obtained with full confidence and credibility.

You can define Treasury Note as, A medium-term bond that lasts one to five years with maturity and earns interest

Literal Meanings of Treasury Note


Meanings of Treasury:
  1. Funds or taxes from any government, company or institution.

  2. The place or building where the property is protected.

Sentences of Treasury
  1. The state promises not to spend more in its treasury

  2. Henry VIII kept the peace and filled his coffers.

Synonyms of Treasury

purse, exchequer


Meanings of Note:
  1. Watching or paying attention (something)

  2. Enter (something) in writing.

  3. A brief note about a written event, topic, or idea as a reminder.

  4. Informal short letter or text message.

  5. A bank note

  6. A specific sound produced by a musical instrument or a human voice.

  7. A particular quality or tone that reflects or expresses a mood or attitude.

Sentences of Note
  1. Focus on your mother's extraordinary happiness

  2. Write the address on a piece of paper

  3. I will make notes in my diary

  4. I left him a message telling him where I was going

  5. Ten pound note

  6. Symphony's last note is gone.

Synonyms of Note

sound, mark, suggestion, enter, indication, tone, missive, take into account, scrawl, jot down, inscription, message, take note of, take into consideration, strain, scribble, sign, streak, element, write down, pencil, entry, suspicion, take down, inflection, communication, vein, put down, banknote