Treasury note (T-note)

Treasury note (T-note),

Definition of Treasury note (T-note):

  1. Medium-term (maturity one to ten years) fixed interest rate debt security issued by a national (federal) government and backed by its full faith and credit. Next to treasury bills (maturity less than one year), T-notes are the safest form of marketable investment with an active secondary market, and usually pay semi-annual interest. See also treasuries.

How to use Treasury note (T-note) in a sentence?

  1. After Dolores funeral, we were rifling through her belongings, and discovered a suitcase under her bed, overflowing with treasury note s; I swear, some of them dated back to the Great War!.
  2. When my daughter turned ten my wife and I bought a treasury note for her so that she would have the funds to go to college when she graduated high school.
  3. We got a treasury note from the government and we all frowned cause we knew the interest rate was really high.

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