Treasury Instruments

Treasury Instruments,

What is The Definition of Treasury Instruments?

  1. Treasury Instruments means: Direct financial commitments from the US government

Literal Meanings of Treasury Instruments


Meanings of Treasury:
  1. Funds or taxes from any government, company or institution.

  2. The place or building where the property is protected.

Sentences of Treasury
  1. The state promises not to spend more than it has in its treasury

  2. Henry VIII kept the peace and filled his coffers.

Synonyms of Treasury

exchequer, purse


Meanings of Instruments:
  1. Equip some with measuring instruments.

  2. A tool or instrument, especially for precision work.

  3. A measuring instrument for measuring the filling level, position, speed, etc. of an object, especially a motor vehicle or aircraft.

  4. An object or device for making musical sounds.

  5. An official or legal document.

Sentences of Instruments
  1. Engineers instructed the rocket to inspect the upper atmosphere.

  2. Surgical instruments

  3. New tool for measuring ozone levels

  4. The value of learning a musical instrument

  5. ■■■■■■■■■ including signature and unconditional delivery of equipment

Synonyms of Instruments

measuring device, contraption, implement, tool, gauge, utensil, gadget, contrivance, measure, device, appliance, mechanism, apparatus, meter