Treasury Direct

Treasury Direct,

How Do You Define Treasury Direct?

  1. Definition of Treasury Direct: Treasury Direct is an online platform that allows investors to purchase federal government bonds directly from the US Treasury Department. The Treasury Direct sells Treasury bills, notes, bonds, inflation-protected Treasury bonds (TIPs) and savings bonds, all of which support the full value and credibility of the US government and provide funding for federal debt. Are used.

    • Investors can buy federal bonds directly from the government through the Treasury Direct online platform.
    • New editions of US Treasury, Notes, Bonds, Savings Bonds and Tips are available from Treasury Direct.
    • Treasury Direct saves investors the hassle of paying commissions and fees, excluding intermediaries such as brokers and banks.
    • To open a Treasury Direct account, investors must have a Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number, US Address and a Checking or Savings Account.

Literal Meanings of Treasury Direct


Meanings of Treasury:
  1. Funds or taxes from any government, company or institution.

  2. The place or building where the property is protected.

Sentences of Treasury
  1. The state promises not to spend more than it has in its treasury

  2. Henry VIII kept the peace and filled his coffers.

Synonyms of Treasury

exchequer, purse


Meanings of Direct:
  1. With or without someone in between.

  2. Management control or governance functions.

  3. It refers (to something) to a particular direction or to a particular person.

  4. Give (someone) official orders or government instructions.

  5. Move or relocate the shortest route from one place to another without changing direction or stopping.

  6. There are no factors or intermediaries.

  7. (A person or their behavior) on a straight line.

  8. At an infinite level.

Sentences of Direct
  1. Buy and save now

  2. The economic elite manages the affairs of the state

  3. Directing hot air to the passengers to go back through the hot air ducts

  4. The judge ordered him to serve the community.

  5. There are no direct flights on this day

  6. Complications are a direct result of the spread of bacteria.

  7. He is very straightforward and honest

Synonyms of Direct

blunt, unreserved, unmediated, bluff, first-hand, dictate, tell, run, head-on, downright, plain-spoken, tactless, immediate, personal, open, outspoken, sincere, honest, instruct, no-nonsense, level, candid, in person, undeviating, matter-of-fact, handle, point blank, straightforward, face to face, conduct