Trazido Ou Trago

Trazido Ou Trago

What is the method of writing: brought or brought?

For example, the search for ڈ © pedo.

He designed it for me.

Most used: He brought it to me.

Drink gifts, for example:

I'll bring you a Pesco egg. )

It helps you.

Happy easter


My Dear ....

It's uvese BROUGHT or sugar, or twelve.

(This phrase is not pedo, it already happens)

I could say I drank or twelve.

(One sentence does not exist)

Just to distinguish between  between ... if used or brought or brought and when it happens, use drinks.


You are running in two ways.

They are now used in a variety of grammatical situations.

An example:

I didn't bring it like a flower because I think you already did.

Swallow, current indications, and swallow, or mandatory.


Brooch (company)

This problem has come up as a problem with my word drawing.

Drinks are available and show the first individual weight: I BRING

It is safe to swallow and trace, for example, to think of your swallow as a bait being tracked as a bait.

Swallow (current indicator) EU swallow flowers ...

Laya (partner) He believes that he brought / brought

No problem: these issues with words bothered me

Indorenha to bring in the present tense of the verb (maybe (I will drink for free) or in the verb indorenha (I will smoke an apple). Or to participate in bringing. I had a cat or a book. It swallowed an apple, it will be eaten.

This verb presents this problem because it is a common verb, that is, it is, but it has an irregular participle or regular participle trazado and / or participle trago.

We use branded or regular participles that precede or have preceded two verbs.

Example: I'm chasing my files because you know. / We chase our children to find out.

We use irregular participle trego before the two verbs SER or ESTAR.

Example: Or work beliefs you swallowed?

You can try the VERB YEAR bad grammar found in this description.

Trazido Ou Trago

Trazido Ou Trago



Swallowing gifts

The lost verb from the 3rd century in comparison then ends with z conj.irreg. :

1) Indicator mode

a) Press: swallow, bring, bring, bring, bring, bring

B) brought, brought etc.

C) Performance, performance. : Brought (ss), brought (ss), brought (ss), etc.

d) beauty.m.q.perf. : Brought (ss), brought (ss), etc.

e) t.pres: to bring, to bring, etc.

f) t. Interpretation: Lana, Lana, etc. 2) Required mode:

G) Bring or bring, (swallow, swallow) bring, (swallow) 3) Subjective mode:

h) p. : Swallowing, swallowing, etc.

i) Incomplete.

j) T. : Troxer (SS), Troxer (SS) etc. 4) Nominal shape:

l) to bring, to bring, etc.

m) Germany: Lana

n) Part: Pursuit (see TB for entry of this verb set.

Chased, not swallowed

Drink it


Trazido Ou Trago