Travel Expense

Travel Expense,

What is The Definition of Travel Expense?

  • Transportation, food, accommodation or additional expenses.

Literal Meanings of Travel Expense


Meanings of Travel:
  1. Going from place to place, usually some distance away.

  2. (Of an object or radiation) is usually permanent or expected.

  3. Excessive steps (usually two) when holding a ball without a draw.

  4. Travel Action

  5. The range, speed or type of movement of a machine part.

Sentences of Travel
  1. The plane traveled from Libya to Ireland

  2. Light travels faster than sound

  3. My job involves a lot of travel

Synonyms of Travel

move, proceed, progress, advance


Meanings of Expense:
  1. It costs some money to do something.

  2. Compensation over tax base (a cost item)

Sentences of Expense
  1. We order apparel for a high price

Synonyms of Expense

cost, price