Travel Coverage

Travel Coverage,

What Does Travel Coverage Mean?

  • Travel Coverage can be defined as, It covers travel disruption / obstruction, lost or damaged luggage, luggage delays, lost connections and / or route changes, as well as damage caused to a rental vehicle.

Literal Meanings of Travel Coverage


Meanings of Travel:
  1. Walking from one place to another, usually covering some distance.

  2. Motion (of an object or radiation), usually in a permanent or predictable manner.

  3. Hold the ball without the dribble and take more steps than allowed (usually two steps).

  4. The process of travel.

  5. Range, speed or type of movement of any part of the machine.

Sentences of Travel
  1. The plane traveled from Libya to Ireland.

  2. My job involves a lot of travel.

Synonyms of Travel

progress, move, advance, proceed


Meanings of Coverage:
  1. The degree to which it relates to something or applies to something else.

Sentences of Coverage
  1. Grammar does not provide complete language coverage.