Traspirar O Transpirar

Traspirar O Transpirar

How do you say Sweat or sweat? ۔


Both are correct according to this definition of RAE:


1. Sweat. UT vs. prnl



(From Trans and Late. Spire "again, exhale, grow)

1. Inter-physical December: Emission through integration. UT vs. prnl

2. Inter one thing suggest: Sweat (water is extracted through holes).

Sweat is the right kiss.

Even September and September! Both are worth it! 1 Azu Bear !!


Since 2005, two scoops have been accepted as a correct verb in the dictionary, in my opinion I examined them when they were mentioned to answer this question.

Greetings from Buenos Aires.

Traspirar O Transpirar

Traspirar O Transpirar

Oh you make me sweat black

Haha sweat


Sweat sweat

Traspirar O Transpirar