Definition of Trash:

  1. Dry waste material; synonymous with garbage, refuse, or rubbish in common usage.

Synonyms of Trash

Absurdity, Amphigory, Babble, Babblement, Balderdash, Balls, Baloney, Bibble-babble, Bilge, Blabber, Blather, Bombast, Bosh, Bric-a-brac, Brummagem, Bull, Bullshit, Bunk, Bunkum, Canaille, Castaway, Castoff, Cattle, Chaff, Chicken feed, Chickenshit, Clamjamfry, Claptrap, Crap, Debris, Deface, Derelict, Destroy, Details, Dirt, Discard, Dogie, Double-talk, Dregs, Dregs of society, Drivel, Drool, Dross, Dust, Eyewash, Fiddle-faddle, Fiddledeedee, Flapdoodle, Flotsam, Flotsam and jetsam, Flummery, Folderol, Foundling, Fripperies, Frippery, Froth, Fudge, Fustian, Gabble, Galimatias, Gammon, Garbage, Gibber, Gibberish, Gibble-gabble, Gimcrackery, Gobbledygook, Hocus-pocus, Hogwash, Hokum, Hooey, Humbug, Jabber, Jargon, Jetsam, Junk, Kelter, Knickknackery, Lagan, Leavings, Litter, Lumber, Malarkey, Masses, Minutiae, Mob, Moonshine, Mumbo jumbo, Narrishkeit, Niaiserie, Nonsense, Odds and ends, Offal, Offscourings, Offscum, Orphan, Pack of nonsense, Palaver, Peanuts, Piffle, Poppycock, Prate, Prattle, Proletariat, Raff, Ragtag and bobtail, Rant, Refuse, Reject, Riffraff, Rigamarole, Rigmarole, Rodomontade, Rot, Rubbish, Rubble, Ruin, Scoria, Scrap, Scum, Shoddy, Skimble-skamble, Slag, Slog, Slop, Small beer, Small change, Sordes, Stodge, Stuff and nonsense, Stultiloquence, Sweepings, Swinish multitude, Tinsel, Toil, Trifles, Trinkets, Trivia, Truck, Trudge, Trumpery, Twaddle, Twattle, Twiddle-twaddle, Unwashed, Vandalize, Vaporing, Vermin, Waffling, Waif, Waifs and strays, Waste, Wastrel, Wreck

Meaning of Trash & Trash Definition

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